warm feet

Last night I was searching for an easy slipper pattern to knit or crochet, I really wanted to knit since I have been crocheting like nobodies business... Needless to say I couldn't find anything that tickled my fancy... So I drafted a patten, and an hour later I made these little pretties. They were made with Red Heart-Light Rasberry, the lighter pink is Vannas Choice-Rose with a size K hook, the whole slipper is a series of SCs, and the top part is DCs.

They are so comfy, warm, and fit perfect. I left the open spaces because I am going to string through some ribbon to cinch them up a bit more. The best part is they can be costomized to fit any foot easily... I think a pair of these will be my next giveaway. :-D Turns out I made these babies just in time the temp is supposed to drop to 27...Ick.



Whisp3rd said...

Oh! I like those!

I've been on Ravelry but haven't seen any patterns I was pleased with.

I like your idea about the ribbon ties. I made myself a pair one time with a simple strap across the front and they would always slide off. Maybe they were loose, I don't know.

If you were to post some guidelines or a pattern, that would be great! They look beginner friendly too, no?

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