<3 spring! + giveaway (read to the bottom of this post for giveaway info)

I love spring, I love the colors, the smells, and hitting those huge bumble bees with books and watching them zing across the yard ( don't worry they are tough little creatures and they happily buzz away) My allergies have been giving me hell, which kept me in bed most of yesterday and today which gave me a reason to make this little darling. She is made of brown, yellow and white acrylic yarn. From the top of her ear to her toes she messures 9 inches exactly. She was made with a size K crochet needle. She was very much inspired by Amigurumi World


How would you like to own your own spring time bear?

All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite spring color, and a way for me to contact you (e-mail)

Bear can be made into a boy version if you wish.

Now for a clause of sort: This item comes from a smoke-free, pet friendly home. Also, the bears eyes are safty eyes meaning they can be pulled out with a whole lot of effort, they are nearly impossible to get out but it can happen which may be a choking hazzard so with that being said...The bear you will win will not be this bear, the only thing that will change is the color of her dress. Good luck! ( I really hope that makes sense, sinus medicine+coffee is making me loopy)

Edit to add: Winner will be announced on April 20th!

<3 W


Whisp3rd said...

This bear is so cute! I love the ruffle to the dress and I guess what you'd call peekaboo undies?

As much as I love when the flowers come out, my favorite color isn't flowery color. I would think sky blue is a spring color but I could be wrong! If not it would probably be Bluebonnet blue since that's what littering the countryside right now in Texas.

I'm dissapointed that the flowers don't last too long here.

Vee said...

I ditto Whisp3rd. I love deep blue like bluebonnets. I'm also in Texas so maybe that's why. lol

I'm Hollistercobabe on Craftsters. :D

SewitlittlethingS said...

Lime green seems to be my color now..turquoise, teal, aqua, sea foam...ahhhh you got the idea(r).

Gorgeous work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh your bear is lovely. Great work. I have to say my favorite color is sky blue. You can find me at my blog


and I am also urban craft on craftster.

Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

Tzipporah Feiga said...

Your teddy is adorable! I wish I could make anything so cute :)

My favourite spring colour is yellow. It makes me so happy to see all the daffodils in the spring!

My email is tzipporahfeiga(at)googlemail(dot)com

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Aww, what a cute lil spring time bear. Luv them ruffles.So sorry to hear about your 'puter errors allergies and all. No fun at all either one of those. Lets see, a favorite spring time color would have to be purple for some of the flowers that sprout up.


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