there is something seriously wrong here...

Let's rewind to Friday, the weather was so balmy and nice....

It is now snowing? What is wrong with this picture.. I knew it was going to be freezy today but snow? Bah!
You have to remember I was born and raised in central Florida so anything under 50 is freezing to me.

Last night I made the most yummy desert ever, I grilled some pineapple (in the freezing cold)

The results:

I know it might sound gross to grill fruit, but it is so good. It brings out the sweetness times 10 and caramelizes it... This would also make a nice fruity salsa.

I know you guys must be getting tired of me posting desserts but I have a major sweet tooth =D

<3 W


Simply EC said...

Mmmmm. We grill pineapple to put on our shredded pork tacos with cilantro. Delicious. Now I need to go get some pineapple..

Wendy said...

That sounds so good, I have to try it. I love cilantro too, what a brilliant combo!

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