vintage is love

I have no luggage whatsoever, other than a black square box with wheels that has served more as a cat scratching post and cat bed than been useful. Since I am going to visit my Mama and little sister for a week come Friday... I really needed some luggage, so being the resourceful person I am, and not paying an outrageous price for something I will only use maybe once a year... I went to my favorite thrift store and scored some vintage olive green luggage for under ten bucks.

Check it out, the insides are still great looking, the mirror is still intact, now that is some good luggage! Except for the old musty smell, a couple of dryer sheets and the sun should cure that....

The best part? Tucked in the corner of the smaller case was a set of keys to both suit cases =DNow all I need is some vintage stickers for the outside and I am set =D

<3 Wendy


Simply EC said...

What a great find! I really miss my vintage mustard yellow case I used to take with me every weekend when I used to visit my friend in San Fran. It was so nice to sit on while waiting for her to meet me in Union Square. (And I felt so deliciously artistic as I did so.)
I'm jealous.

Drea said...

Wow! They look like new only more awesome. lol. Great find.

Whisp3rd said...

I actually bought a vintage case to convert into a snazzy pet bed!

Just add pillow, a cover to prevent the pillow from getting dirty! Plus the pockets are great for holding snacks and toys.

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