What is on my sticks?

I have been looking for a beret pattern that is cute, solid and fun...lo' and behold wilst endlessly searching on Ravelry I found a loverly fair isle beret/tam I adore! The pattern can be found on Pop Knits a site that is full of vintage-esqe lovelies!

The changes I made: The main color of course... Since I sized up on the needles and the weight of yarn (worsted wool, and worsted poly/acrylic blend) I casted on less stitches. I am going to have to rework the decreases in one way or another to match the rows in the hat so it won't look all wonky when I am done.

Progress shots:

I am loving how it is turning out I am on row 21/29 in the pattern I am so close to being done I can taste it.

<3 W

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