Doggie Biscuts!

Earlier I tried my hardest to take a nap, to no avail because of the heat I decided to bake something ( genius, I know right?) except this time it wasn't for me or my family it was for my 4 legged fur babies, I have never attempted to bake dog treats before so I wasn't quite sure how it would work out, all I have to say about it is sooo easy!

My favorite ones are the little men shaped ones, I am sure If I would of done them all that way the dough would of yielded way more than it did. Here is the basic recipe I used, I changed it up a bit due to lack of peanut butter.

Basic Doggie Biscut:
2 cups whole-wheat flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 cup peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 375'F. In a bowl, combine flour and baking powder. In another bowl, mix peanut butter and milk, then add to dry ingredients and mix well. Place dough on a lightly floured surface and knead. Roll dough to 1/4 inch thickness and use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Bake for 20 minutes on a greased baking sheet until lightly brown. Cool on a rack, then store in an airtight container

The changes I made; I only had 1/2 cup of peanut butter left so I subbed the other 1/2cup with apple sauce (unsweetened), I also added a packet of chicken gravy to the dry mix(the kind with no sodium)...
A tip: When you roll out your dough, be sure to use lots of flour on your working surface, hands and cookie cutter because the dough is extremely sticky, also instead of oiling use bakers joy baking spray, that way your doggie isn't ingesting excessive amounts of oil.

The dogs went nuts over them, they absolutely loved them. I love the fact that these took 30 mins from start to finish and the price is maybe .02 cents a biscut...

Peanut biting the head off her biscut :)))

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Things on my craft agenda

These are things I hope to start working on/finishing within the next week.

1. 2 cross stitch pieces
2. knitted/crocheted hand warmers found here. The pattern is from the blog creative yarn, I love all her patterns they are so cute! You really must check her out :) I'm sure I can pop these babies out in no time.
3. Find a beret pattern that I like...
4. Make some big fuzzy socks for my Auntie J
5. I really need to finish my surprise embroidery for Gabriel.

Obviously there is no way to complete all of these in a week, but I can try. Updates soon!

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Ps: Did you know I didn't receive one damn pink stitch marker?!? What part of:I DO NOT LIKE EARTH TONES OR GREENS Don't people understand? I mean seriously :(


Exciting news!

Me and Gabriel are "tying the knot" August 27th 2010. We are getting married here I love it, it is just like a Vegas wedding! I have always hated traditional, huge elaborate weddings, and since Gabe wanted to get married in Vegas we happened to come across this jewel.

It is so cute! The only people that are going to be there are Gabe, Myself and my Auntie J and Uncle D...My aunt and Uncle are like second parents, even though My Aunt didn't give birth to me, she is my mom--point blank.

I am so friggin' excited I'm about to pee my pants. Though I don't get to wear the 500.00 wedding dress I bought from David's Bridal, I get to buy a new dress...I am thinking of getting shirred white eyelet lace fabric and doing it myself, if I can't find the style dress I want...It would be an easy task considering it would only be one seam up the back and a seam across the bottom to add length...I can't waaaaaitttt!

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Yay, today was a thrift day!

I scored some pretty awesome(by my standards) goodies!

Yes I got a beddazzler. What? I am going to bedazzle everything. The date on the back is stamped 1974, it came with bunches of different studs, the instructions and pattern transfers.

The yarn loveliness I got, the two balls are wool and I believe the coral color ones are some form of wool mixture, the blue skein is homespun, and the multi is just plain ol' red heart acrylic.

I love this dish, it is a clown face soup bowl his little hands are the handles...I admit it is a bit on the creepy side but it is going to be a kitty food bowl.

On to crafty news, I finally learned how to knit socks! After I whined to Gabe I would never be able to. It is actually a whole lot easier than I though. Here is my first sock! I got the lovely hand painted merino wool from an awesome swap partner. I am also in love with bamboo knitting needles, they feel awesome in my hands and they knit like a dream. Throughout the sock process I learned 4 things; The eye of partridge stitch, picking up stitches, short row heel turns, and the kitchener(sp?) stitch. All these things where learned via youtube.

If you are ever considering learning to knit, these websites helped me out tremendously:
Very Pink Knits : I used these videos to learn how to knit socks. Her channel is chock full of videos to help out newbie knitters, and she is a wonderful teacher! A huge plus is the way her cameras are set up and the quality of the videos are outstanding.
( I got the pattern for my sock from here She also teaches you how to knit a pair of socks with different weight yarns, it is visual, with no videos, for me I need to see it in action or I cannot pick it up as quick.)
Knitting Help: Is a must see when you are first starting out...It pretty much has everything you need to know.

Knitting can be a pretty daunting thing and is full of trial and error, the biggest thing with knitting is you have to go out side the comfort zone and try new things that you aren't comfortable with, if not you will be stuck with just the basics. I am completely hooked! In this past year I have learned so much because I was tired of just the ST ST, and G ST...My next thing is to learn how to knit bobbles, and try my hand at lace knitting.

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Recently Knit items.

These items were crafted for the Knitters Vs Crocheters on Craftster.org
Since my awesome partner has received...
Peace, love, happiness washcloth set

Headbands; the first was from a pattern found on ravelry, the other two I didn't follow a pattern I just kinda went along as I went, all of them have button back closure...My favorite is the Hounds tooth!

Shawlet, another item I didn't have a pattern for I just knitted a triangle and made it bigger and bigger, It has a removable pin that is made with different shades of brown felt, tulle, vintage buttons and lacy cotton ribbon. Def. my favorite item in the box.

A view from the front;

Close up of the pin:

Bracelet and earring set:

My favorite part of the bracelet is a little pewter sheep charm, hanging off a charm that says "create" the other charms say "wish" "hope" "believe" you have no idea how bad I wanted to keep that sucka!


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Buuusssyyy I'll get back on track next week, I swear

Ok sooo, I have been working on swap packages like a mad woman. One thing about swapping I CANNOT AND ABSOLUTELY STAND the following...

I cannot stand rude ass people, look if you don't have the decency to respond or even say thank you when you receive a package from someone--you should not be swapping. Reason: You have put out the message that the person who has made you something that their creation is shit (see below). Believe me I have received some really, really, bad packages in the past and I have always said thank you, because I appreciated the time, effort, and love that goes into a project, and if I didn't want handmade then I wouldn't be swapping. For this reason I think that after I am done with my current swaps I am done. Why waste my time, and effort on someone who does not appreciate anything... Gotta' love manners. Seriously. I love craftster, and It's not like I am asking for a gold plaque I just wish people would take two seconds to notify they have received and a simple thank you, if I can bite my tongue then so can you. With that being said, eff it.

Can you tell I'm mad? I really wish I could go on a tangent and show you all what I am rambling on about, but there is no sense in being hateful.

Stitch markers for the Stitch Marker Swap on Craftster

Are they really that bad? I feel defeted... Why keep doing this to myself?

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Free Pattern Friday!

Uh-oh I missed a few days! I have been so insanely busy, it's not even funny!

This weeks free pattern Friday is going to be quilt related, I have been working hard on my sewing machine (trying and trying to get better!) and I am going to be stuck on sewing projects for a while.

Crazy Quilt Block, from Craft & Fabric Links is a wonderful beginner friendly quilt block, the directions are for making a potholder/hot pad, definitely another scrap buster and a great learning tool. The directions are also very clear and precise. I am going to give this a try, I'll post the results soon.

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