First Edition of Tutorial Tuesday!

I suck on the sewing machine, and when I say suck I am not exaggerating! I can barely sew a strait line, much less make anything remotely aesthetic to the eye. I definitely need sewing lessons, but unfortunately I live in BFE Georgia and I don't have much of a choice other than google. I scoured the net in search of beginner sewing guides, only to come up with tutorials on how to make pillows with directions that were not clear and concise...Come on now, I am not so bad I can't sew a square! I want to know how to sew efficiently and do nifty things on the machine without having to sew by hand. I found the site Sew, Mama, Sew (apparently I have been living under a rock!) this site is jam packed with phenomenal projects, that are hip and fresh, I am in love! Did I mention the plethora of free patterns and tutorials?! This week I am featuring: Reverse Applique Quilted Heart Coasters. I admit I was intimidated by this project simply for the fact that I cant sew jack on a machine, but I am always up for a challenge, plus I want to learn the following 2 things; applique and quilting, this project has both (hence the title). It's very beginner friendly, the directions are clear and to the point, it doesn't require a huge amount of fabric or time either, plus the results are awesome! I gathered my supplies and went on my way.

The results:

My coaster is a bit different because I made my own heart template and sewed up and down instead of a border and up and down. I love it, I actually did it and it came out like it's supposed to look ( which makes me incredibally happy. The possibilities are endless with these things, They would make awesome house warming gifts too.


New Agenda for Blog Revamp.

I often find myself not sticking with something for long, especially when I lose interest or I get a severe case of writers block. So instead of going through the pain of deleting all previous (personal) posts and starting all over, I am revamping. This blog is going to be solely dedicated to my one passion; crafty endeavours. I'll refrain as much as I can from going off topic into personal business, you are here and reading because you want to hear about crafts, not someones (whom you don't know) personal life!

I have decided to keep things fresh, and interesting and dedicate certain days of the week to a specific topic.

Tuesdays; Tutorial Tuesday
Wednesdays; Wordless Wednesday, wistful Wednesday
Thursdays; Things I love Thursday, Etsy items
Fridays; Free pattern Friday, foodie Friday, DIY weekend

Let's hope I take off on the right foot this time :)

OMG, where have I been?

A lot of things have changed since the last time I posted, without going into specifics or getting too personal the major reason why the postings came to a dead stop is lack of funds, the company Gabe and I were working for went under and it took us until November to become gainfully employed again. We are now finally starting to catch up and get in the good again. The huge change I was speaking of before I disappeared off the face of the blogging earth; Gabe is in the Army now and will be leaving for BCT September 14th!

With all of that being said, I am back! Look for crafty goodness the next few days :)
Sorry for the followers I lost (I can't really blame them), but thanks to the ones who stuck with me!

<3 W

A whole lot of things are going to change around here! So look out for some new posts and such.

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