New Agenda for Blog Revamp.

I often find myself not sticking with something for long, especially when I lose interest or I get a severe case of writers block. So instead of going through the pain of deleting all previous (personal) posts and starting all over, I am revamping. This blog is going to be solely dedicated to my one passion; crafty endeavours. I'll refrain as much as I can from going off topic into personal business, you are here and reading because you want to hear about crafts, not someones (whom you don't know) personal life!

I have decided to keep things fresh, and interesting and dedicate certain days of the week to a specific topic.

Tuesdays; Tutorial Tuesday
Wednesdays; Wordless Wednesday, wistful Wednesday
Thursdays; Things I love Thursday, Etsy items
Fridays; Free pattern Friday, foodie Friday, DIY weekend

Let's hope I take off on the right foot this time :)


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