First Edition of Tutorial Tuesday!

I suck on the sewing machine, and when I say suck I am not exaggerating! I can barely sew a strait line, much less make anything remotely aesthetic to the eye. I definitely need sewing lessons, but unfortunately I live in BFE Georgia and I don't have much of a choice other than google. I scoured the net in search of beginner sewing guides, only to come up with tutorials on how to make pillows with directions that were not clear and concise...Come on now, I am not so bad I can't sew a square! I want to know how to sew efficiently and do nifty things on the machine without having to sew by hand. I found the site Sew, Mama, Sew (apparently I have been living under a rock!) this site is jam packed with phenomenal projects, that are hip and fresh, I am in love! Did I mention the plethora of free patterns and tutorials?! This week I am featuring: Reverse Applique Quilted Heart Coasters. I admit I was intimidated by this project simply for the fact that I cant sew jack on a machine, but I am always up for a challenge, plus I want to learn the following 2 things; applique and quilting, this project has both (hence the title). It's very beginner friendly, the directions are clear and to the point, it doesn't require a huge amount of fabric or time either, plus the results are awesome! I gathered my supplies and went on my way.

The results:

My coaster is a bit different because I made my own heart template and sewed up and down instead of a border and up and down. I love it, I actually did it and it came out like it's supposed to look ( which makes me incredibally happy. The possibilities are endless with these things, They would make awesome house warming gifts too.


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