lazy days

The last couple of days have been lazy days, I have had no desire to do anything. I think it maybe has to do with the fact the house was disastrous when I got back and I finally got it back in shape last week, and now it needs another cleaning. I hate how I am so anal about cleaning and having things well organized, I hate clutter. If I have clutter anywhere in my bed room I have to fix it or I will not have a good nights sleep. I have some major news that is going to change my life for the better but I can't leak it out just yet, not until everything lines up. So in an effort to save money to get said better life I have been obsessive about furniture, a few of my favorites are:
Safari Siena Chair from Home Decorators Collection I know animal print might seem a bit on the tacky side but I think this chair would be glamorous in a craft room.

I will have this for a craft table! This one is also from HDC with another pretentious name, it's called Hampton Bay Work Station. This sucker is $649.00 which I know is kinda steep but look at it! I love love love the bun feet.

Another item that would be absolutely perfect for displaying fabrics and kitchy items would be stackable lowboys similar to these found on HDC, again I love the feets on this collection! Stacked on the top of the solid lowboy...

I want something similar to this set for a living room

I have furniture in storage, most of what I have is hand-me-downs. I don't want to be wasteful, yet I don't want to try and reupholster it either, me+staple gun=accident waiting to happen. So I will probably end up asking family members if they need anything and pass it back around or just donate it to the salvation army. Either way I am hoping our plans will line up, until then I am pinching my pennies, crossing my fingers and toes.

<3 W


The best present ever

So last post I was telling you all about my b-day present from Gabe, and proof men do listen (when they want to) when you talk about crafty things...

The whole lot

He got me a Sizzix big kick...eee...You would of thought "he went to Jared" ( I know my puns are lame) when I saw these goodies all layed out for me!

Now time for some closeups!

1.Felty goodness
2.Hello Kitty die cuts- I seriously love everything Sanrio
3. Multiple die cuts
4. Fabric quarters and zippers :-D

Second part of this post- why all of my "people" pictures from my trip are in black and white... The walls in my room are stark white, so to liven up the walls a bit I bought 6 unfinished wooden frames from the Dollar Tree
and I did this to them:

The finished effect:

I love how they came out but I want to do about four more for the same wall. The picture I took came out really dark since I took it at night they don't look as bright as they do during the day.

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lots of pictures from my trip!

As promised here are a select few of the pictures I tool during my stay in Florida. Originally I was only supposed to be there for a week but issues arose so I ended up staying through my birthday. We had a nightmare trip back up though, the friggin car broke down 3 miles from home at a service station and it was a bajillion degrees hot, I had oysters on ice in the back seat for my dad that had to stay iced or they would of been raunchy.... 2 hours later and the car was running again and I saved the oysters... First set of pictures up is from my birthday bash number one. I have never been drunk in my whole adult life so on my b-day I got wasted and I didn't puke. I had 6 bay breezes, 4 shots of hot damn, 1 jagerbomb, 1 mind eraser (which is a shot for 3 people) and to top it all off I had two draft beers.

This is me at the beginning of the night.

This is me at the end of the night.... I could barely keep my head up!

On to my second birthday bash (the rest of the pictures I took from the night above are so terrible looking :) I'll spare you all...) which was held after my birthday, my mom wanted to wait until Gabe got there to have my cake and what not.

My itty bitty sister :)


Katie and I

My step-dad shucking oysters

Gabe, his double chin and me.

Happy Birthday to meeeee ( I am 24 as of 4/23)
mmm oysters on the grill!

Me, Katie, and Mama
Now on to just random shots from the places I went.


Lady bug on the beach

This turtle is so creepy looking, I had to get up close to him too.

Funny story about this, we went crabbing and were out there all
day and this is all that was caught (snagged)! The orange is the lure.

Tree roots

I love this shot I wish I could of got closer.

This is why I miss Florida so much.

St. Marks light house
Overall my trip was relaxing and super fun... I have tons more pictures and I still have to show you all what brilliant Mr. Gabriel gave me for my birthday ( it proves that men really do listen, when you go on a tangent about craft stuff)... You will want one once you see! I'll show in my next post. You also might notice that all of my people pictures are in black in white, I had craft reason in doing so and that over rules all weirdo ideas I might have. The project I had in mind is complete, which I will bundle in the next post :)


I'm back for real this time!

First of all I'd like to apologize to those who entered in my giveaway... I ended up staying longer than expected and my moms Internet was down the whole time I was there. I have tons of pictures to post of my trip, though right now I am still in lazy mode and I still haven't gotten things unpacked, which means my camera cord is somewhere in the rubble.

Without further ado the winner of my spring time bear contest is....

Number one! Congratulations Whisp3rd! If you could please email me your mailing address to p1nk@live.com I'll have your loverly bear sent out to you shortly.

<3 W


I'm back...did you miss me?

Ok so I am not back that quick....
By the time my love-ah got home from work we had hellacious storms, tornado warnings and the like... Until 10 P.M. Ugh...So I am still here. My favorite part of this whole fiasco is the way the tornado sirens go off and it gets dark all of a sudden,naturally I look around for the triangle head guy from Silent Hill. Since it is too late to leave out I will be leaving in the morning, weather permitting. Stupid crazy Georgia weather, I swear it aims to screw up my day. Meh!

And for fun... Since I love my furbabies, and I haven't showed them off yet.
Fritz and his mama Battly

and my all time favorite shot of Peanut...
Banana-Split Dog!

I am leaving for real this time =)



trip anxiety...

I can't sleep... Either I am too excited about seeing my Mama and Katie or I am worried about leaving my dad alone for a few days. I think it's leaning more towards my Dad... Gabe will only be staying for a day and then coming back to Georgia on Sunday. My mom lives in Tallahassee, it's only a four hour drive... So it's not like I am going cross-country or anything. I admit I worry wayyy too much, I have been taking care of /helping my dad since July of last year and even though at times I get irritated to no end at his hard head self, I know it is where I am supposed to be ( without getting to religious...) and where God wants me to be, so leaving(even if it is only for a week) is unsettling and nerve wracking! It makes me feel good to know that I'm of some help and if he needs anything I am there to help and he doesn't go without. Plus, I know he would do the same for me =) Isn't this worry-wart role supposed to be reversed? lol. He can take care of himself to a point, he just can't walk very far or stand very long due to his knees...Poor fella... I know he'll be fine! I am a mother hen type so even though I know he will be okay my mind won't rest! When I have babies of my own I am so sure my mother hen complex will go into overdrive and I will die of an anxiety attack lol...

With all of that bat shit crazy stuff said... Happy trails my friends :) I'll be returning on the 19th!
<3 W


vintage is love

I have no luggage whatsoever, other than a black square box with wheels that has served more as a cat scratching post and cat bed than been useful. Since I am going to visit my Mama and little sister for a week come Friday... I really needed some luggage, so being the resourceful person I am, and not paying an outrageous price for something I will only use maybe once a year... I went to my favorite thrift store and scored some vintage olive green luggage for under ten bucks.

Check it out, the insides are still great looking, the mirror is still intact, now that is some good luggage! Except for the old musty smell, a couple of dryer sheets and the sun should cure that....

The best part? Tucked in the corner of the smaller case was a set of keys to both suit cases =DNow all I need is some vintage stickers for the outside and I am set =D

<3 Wendy


there is something seriously wrong here...

Let's rewind to Friday, the weather was so balmy and nice....

It is now snowing? What is wrong with this picture.. I knew it was going to be freezy today but snow? Bah!
You have to remember I was born and raised in central Florida so anything under 50 is freezing to me.

Last night I made the most yummy desert ever, I grilled some pineapple (in the freezing cold)

The results:

I know it might sound gross to grill fruit, but it is so good. It brings out the sweetness times 10 and caramelizes it... This would also make a nice fruity salsa.

I know you guys must be getting tired of me posting desserts but I have a major sweet tooth =D

<3 W


warm feet

Last night I was searching for an easy slipper pattern to knit or crochet, I really wanted to knit since I have been crocheting like nobodies business... Needless to say I couldn't find anything that tickled my fancy... So I drafted a patten, and an hour later I made these little pretties. They were made with Red Heart-Light Rasberry, the lighter pink is Vannas Choice-Rose with a size K hook, the whole slipper is a series of SCs, and the top part is DCs.

They are so comfy, warm, and fit perfect. I left the open spaces because I am going to string through some ribbon to cinch them up a bit more. The best part is they can be costomized to fit any foot easily... I think a pair of these will be my next giveaway. :-D Turns out I made these babies just in time the temp is supposed to drop to 27...Ick.



my weekend in pictures...

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