lots of pictures from my trip!

As promised here are a select few of the pictures I tool during my stay in Florida. Originally I was only supposed to be there for a week but issues arose so I ended up staying through my birthday. We had a nightmare trip back up though, the friggin car broke down 3 miles from home at a service station and it was a bajillion degrees hot, I had oysters on ice in the back seat for my dad that had to stay iced or they would of been raunchy.... 2 hours later and the car was running again and I saved the oysters... First set of pictures up is from my birthday bash number one. I have never been drunk in my whole adult life so on my b-day I got wasted and I didn't puke. I had 6 bay breezes, 4 shots of hot damn, 1 jagerbomb, 1 mind eraser (which is a shot for 3 people) and to top it all off I had two draft beers.

This is me at the beginning of the night.

This is me at the end of the night.... I could barely keep my head up!

On to my second birthday bash (the rest of the pictures I took from the night above are so terrible looking :) I'll spare you all...) which was held after my birthday, my mom wanted to wait until Gabe got there to have my cake and what not.

My itty bitty sister :)


Katie and I

My step-dad shucking oysters

Gabe, his double chin and me.

Happy Birthday to meeeee ( I am 24 as of 4/23)
mmm oysters on the grill!

Me, Katie, and Mama
Now on to just random shots from the places I went.


Lady bug on the beach

This turtle is so creepy looking, I had to get up close to him too.

Funny story about this, we went crabbing and were out there all
day and this is all that was caught (snagged)! The orange is the lure.

Tree roots

I love this shot I wish I could of got closer.

This is why I miss Florida so much.

St. Marks light house
Overall my trip was relaxing and super fun... I have tons more pictures and I still have to show you all what brilliant Mr. Gabriel gave me for my birthday ( it proves that men really do listen, when you go on a tangent about craft stuff)... You will want one once you see! I'll show in my next post. You also might notice that all of my people pictures are in black in white, I had craft reason in doing so and that over rules all weirdo ideas I might have. The project I had in mind is complete, which I will bundle in the next post :)


Whisp3rd said...

You're trip looked like tons of fun! I know when I went we were very limited in acitivies. Mainly Universal Studios and Sea World lol.

Too bad it wasn't a completely bump-free trip but it looks like the good outweighs the one event :)

I am jealous of you, my boyfriend zones out when I talk crafty talk. The luckiest I may ever be is him actually going out of his way to find the yarn store, give me money, and abandon me there while he does something else lol.

Isn't that a snapping turtle?
and I looked at teh teeny fishy and thought something was really wrong until you said it was a lure lol

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