The best present ever

So last post I was telling you all about my b-day present from Gabe, and proof men do listen (when they want to) when you talk about crafty things...

The whole lot

He got me a Sizzix big kick...eee...You would of thought "he went to Jared" ( I know my puns are lame) when I saw these goodies all layed out for me!

Now time for some closeups!

1.Felty goodness
2.Hello Kitty die cuts- I seriously love everything Sanrio
3. Multiple die cuts
4. Fabric quarters and zippers :-D

Second part of this post- why all of my "people" pictures from my trip are in black and white... The walls in my room are stark white, so to liven up the walls a bit I bought 6 unfinished wooden frames from the Dollar Tree
and I did this to them:

The finished effect:

I love how they came out but I want to do about four more for the same wall. The picture I took came out really dark since I took it at night they don't look as bright as they do during the day.

<3 W

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