lazy days

The last couple of days have been lazy days, I have had no desire to do anything. I think it maybe has to do with the fact the house was disastrous when I got back and I finally got it back in shape last week, and now it needs another cleaning. I hate how I am so anal about cleaning and having things well organized, I hate clutter. If I have clutter anywhere in my bed room I have to fix it or I will not have a good nights sleep. I have some major news that is going to change my life for the better but I can't leak it out just yet, not until everything lines up. So in an effort to save money to get said better life I have been obsessive about furniture, a few of my favorites are:
Safari Siena Chair from Home Decorators Collection I know animal print might seem a bit on the tacky side but I think this chair would be glamorous in a craft room.

I will have this for a craft table! This one is also from HDC with another pretentious name, it's called Hampton Bay Work Station. This sucker is $649.00 which I know is kinda steep but look at it! I love love love the bun feet.

Another item that would be absolutely perfect for displaying fabrics and kitchy items would be stackable lowboys similar to these found on HDC, again I love the feets on this collection! Stacked on the top of the solid lowboy...

I want something similar to this set for a living room

I have furniture in storage, most of what I have is hand-me-downs. I don't want to be wasteful, yet I don't want to try and reupholster it either, me+staple gun=accident waiting to happen. So I will probably end up asking family members if they need anything and pass it back around or just donate it to the salvation army. Either way I am hoping our plans will line up, until then I am pinching my pennies, crossing my fingers and toes.

<3 W


Drea said...

I love the zebra print chair!!!

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