I'm back...did you miss me?

Ok so I am not back that quick....
By the time my love-ah got home from work we had hellacious storms, tornado warnings and the like... Until 10 P.M. Ugh...So I am still here. My favorite part of this whole fiasco is the way the tornado sirens go off and it gets dark all of a sudden,naturally I look around for the triangle head guy from Silent Hill. Since it is too late to leave out I will be leaving in the morning, weather permitting. Stupid crazy Georgia weather, I swear it aims to screw up my day. Meh!

And for fun... Since I love my furbabies, and I haven't showed them off yet.
Fritz and his mama Battly

and my all time favorite shot of Peanut...
Banana-Split Dog!

I am leaving for real this time =)



Whisp3rd said...

My goodness, your babies are CUTE! And the one of Peanut with the banana peel is hilarious! It's like he was saying "I'm not being natural, I'm totally posing for you!"

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