ughh snotty sinus painnn and computer errors

My head is killing me! So today I had a bright idea to get my busted laptop out and try to play mr.fix-it.... Here is the carnage.

This is after I took it apart to make sure things were plugged in and such ( still no luck). A while back ago it decided to crap out because one of my furbabies knocked it off my kitchen counter and I kept getting "media, blah blah blah check cable...XX0013." Some how in all this mayhem I lost a directional key.. Please don't ask how, I have no clue it is probably under the stove or fridge in a dust bunnies tummy. So now my dear laptop has a nipple, that is least of my concern. I have went to the ultimate low and decided to format the sucker. Why, with all the technology in the world have they still not made a dumb ass version of windows? Example: Instead of giving me some crazy error message that I cannot possibly comprehend, why can't it tell me where the "media" is located, and say "hey you big retard, I got dropped on the floor my hard drive is screwed"... I am only assuming it is referring to my hard drive (which in no way is damaged!) Come on now... I am pretty computer savvy I know when something looks busted up or unplugged, apparently my computer doesn't seem to agree or comprehend. Hopefully my plan of formatting will work *crosses fingers* if not I will just have to spend the sixty bucks to get a new hard drive. Bah! [/end rant]

<3 W

I almost forgot, I finally uploded the picture of the grill carnage ( I love the word carnage)from this post.


Simply EC said...

My dog broke the screen off our old laptop when she was jumping off the couch. We had insurance on it so we filed a claim. Turns out that they don't cover anything involving domestic animals. Next time I'll tell them a bear came into my house and knocked the laptop off the couch. Bah.

Whisp3rd said...

I have been fortunate with my computer, any problems I usually have can be straightened out by my father who has a degree in that sort of thing.

Although you don't know why you lost a directional key, at least you have a good excuse. My old laptop lost THREE because of fluke crochet hook encounters that somehow kept getting stuck under the keys and popping off.
My computer had 3 nipples lol

Wendy said...

They should make computers animal friendly! The idea about the bear is great lol... This is like the third laptop I have been through in 7 years due to animals or being clumbsy... Maybe I should try Mac, I heard they are much sturdier.

Whisp3rd- Lucky! lol crochet hooks are dangerous especially when you are crocheting in a trance...

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