un-eventful weekend...kind of

My weekend was lax, I didn't do anything despite I have been wanting to go to the new museum... I did however get a few craft projects finished that have been bugging me. I scrapped a pin cushion because it didn't come out perfect so I picked it to death, literally it is in scraps, ( after all the work I put into the outside I wanted to cry I was so frustrated with it) so I started a new one, which came out wayyy better than I thought it would. I sent out 2 of my four swap items last week so I am no longer stressed out about them. I only have one more to do and I am finished. Every time I say "I am going to take a swap hiatus until I find another job!" the boy tells me to "go ahead" so long as I keep it in budget. $30 dollars of play money a week (for myself) doesn't sound like much, but when I save it for a couple of weeks I go on a spree :D I have been getting better about my little "sprees" and have only gotten what I need as of late. I always feel guilty when I impulsively buy things I don't need (i.e. nifty knitters, random clearance items...) in my head I always think things will be useful like the nifty knitters I was all like "coool now I can knit much much easier and make all sorts of keen stuff!"...I have used them once... Ohh and what about those baby photo albums, I don't even have kids yet, but I will someday right? Craft stores, are bad, bad, bad places for me to innocently "browse" so are Targets, but we won't even go there today.

I did very little around the house, except I did do the dirtiest, nastiest, task ever. Back story:

Around 3 p.m. Sunday I had Gabe (the boy) start the grill so I could cook a chicken for dinner over indirect heat, I walk away to go grab my book from our bedroom to read while I'm waiting for the grill to get up to temperature. Guess what happens next? It caught on fire, seriously, the friggin' grill caught on fire! So I put the lid back down hoping the lack of oxygen will kill it...Nope, all I got was black smoke. In the midst of Gabe freaking out, running around in circles, flailing his arms, and acting like it is a California forest fire. I very calmly turn the burners off and suavely take the gas tank off the grill and roll the thing off the screened-in porch. By then the fire was starting to die down, but still pretty bad...Gabe has this brilliant idea and runs out ( after I told him NO water) and throws a WHOLE bag of flour all over the inside of the grill and it goes everywhere but it still does not put the fire out, in fact it didn't even help it just turns the flour to burnt, that is the only way I can describe it.... Eventually I just put the lid back down and let it die out... Now to the dirty part, we had to take the grill apart and scrape flour remains. An hour later I am covered in grease, burnt flour and god knows what else... pics to be posted shortly...
<3 W


Whisp3rd said...

How funny, that is scary but you right to stay calm.

You've got something on him for life!

Wendy said...

lol that is so true.

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