Elephant love.

I adore elephants, so I embroidered/sewed myself up this little cutie a while ago ( Helloooo procrasination!) I have been lugging it around as a clutch, so far it has been holding up awesomely.

The elephant was hand drawn on the front with a washable crayola marker then I used the split stitch for an outline and used the fill stitch for her eye and bow. I am not really happy with the bow it came out a little wonky...



This little sucker may look tiny but it holds a ton of stuff, and the little bow is sweet. I am so in love with this idea I will be making more.

I am such a blog procrasinator it isn't even funny, I have a ton of projects to post and they are loaded on photobucket. However, I am too lazy to post :\ One day I will get on the bandwagon and be a crazy blogging fool. Untill then...

<3 W


Whisp3rd said...

That is too cute! I love the fabric and the elephant is precious. I don't think the bow is wonky at all! Maybe it's one of those I-see-it-and-i-did-it-and-its-going-to-bother-me things.

Wendy said...

lol that one sentence describes my life.

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