trip anxiety...

I can't sleep... Either I am too excited about seeing my Mama and Katie or I am worried about leaving my dad alone for a few days. I think it's leaning more towards my Dad... Gabe will only be staying for a day and then coming back to Georgia on Sunday. My mom lives in Tallahassee, it's only a four hour drive... So it's not like I am going cross-country or anything. I admit I worry wayyy too much, I have been taking care of /helping my dad since July of last year and even though at times I get irritated to no end at his hard head self, I know it is where I am supposed to be ( without getting to religious...) and where God wants me to be, so leaving(even if it is only for a week) is unsettling and nerve wracking! It makes me feel good to know that I'm of some help and if he needs anything I am there to help and he doesn't go without. Plus, I know he would do the same for me =) Isn't this worry-wart role supposed to be reversed? lol. He can take care of himself to a point, he just can't walk very far or stand very long due to his knees...Poor fella... I know he'll be fine! I am a mother hen type so even though I know he will be okay my mind won't rest! When I have babies of my own I am so sure my mother hen complex will go into overdrive and I will die of an anxiety attack lol...

With all of that bat shit crazy stuff said... Happy trails my friends :) I'll be returning on the 19th!
<3 W


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