Things on my craft agenda

These are things I hope to start working on/finishing within the next week.

1. 2 cross stitch pieces
2. knitted/crocheted hand warmers found here. The pattern is from the blog creative yarn, I love all her patterns they are so cute! You really must check her out :) I'm sure I can pop these babies out in no time.
3. Find a beret pattern that I like...
4. Make some big fuzzy socks for my Auntie J
5. I really need to finish my surprise embroidery for Gabriel.

Obviously there is no way to complete all of these in a week, but I can try. Updates soon!

<3 W

Ps: Did you know I didn't receive one damn pink stitch marker?!? What part of:I DO NOT LIKE EARTH TONES OR GREENS Don't people understand? I mean seriously :(


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