Recently Knit items.

These items were crafted for the Knitters Vs Crocheters on Craftster.org
Since my awesome partner has received...
Peace, love, happiness washcloth set

Headbands; the first was from a pattern found on ravelry, the other two I didn't follow a pattern I just kinda went along as I went, all of them have button back closure...My favorite is the Hounds tooth!

Shawlet, another item I didn't have a pattern for I just knitted a triangle and made it bigger and bigger, It has a removable pin that is made with different shades of brown felt, tulle, vintage buttons and lacy cotton ribbon. Def. my favorite item in the box.

A view from the front;

Close up of the pin:

Bracelet and earring set:

My favorite part of the bracelet is a little pewter sheep charm, hanging off a charm that says "create" the other charms say "wish" "hope" "believe" you have no idea how bad I wanted to keep that sucka!


<3 W


Christina said...

No, your items were rather nice!

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