More and more goals...

February's goal:

Get a friggin' job! I have been doing some serious job hunting since November of last year! The unemployment rate in Georgia is up to 8.1% and rising rapidly according to Forbes.com, insane! A majority of the "good" jobs in Georgia are factories and plushy (you have to know someone or be the aunt of a brothers cousin...) jobs in Atlanta. Since a majority of the factories here have either closed, moved overseas, or let go about 10% of their employees to cut costs, not to add with the economy the way it is (who wants to re carpet their house?) the demand is way down. I for one assumed alcohol sales would be up due to job loss, apparently not, since Budweiser sold out to Belgian brewer InBev, which takes an even bigger crap on the good ol' peach state. This whole state is turning into a shit hole, soon all that will be left are Wal-marts, because in the fine city I dwell in it is the biggest attraction from miles around. It really is horrid and tragic especially to the families who have mortgage payments and children to feed, I really feel for those people. [end rant]
I cannot stand sitting on my arse doing absolutely nothing at all ( except mundane house work) Not to mention it is not helping my growing physique. while me and the boy do get buy on his somewhat measly pension we still have been living paycheck to paycheck with bills coming in nearly every week. If we could avoid B&N and Joann's we would have much more left :X!

Another side goal: starting up my "diet" blog, I have read a couple diet blogs and books and they have inspired me to start watching what I put in my big ol' mouth. Also, I really want to start keeping up with my daily adventures and post more, instead of the typical one time a month.

On the crafty side of life I have been crocheting up a storm, and have been using this book for inspiration. I don't think I have ever crocheted so much and not gotten bored with it after a few weeks (progress pictures will be posted momentarily) I think I like the challenge of trying something new and then getting all excited when it turns out just like the picture...

-<3 W


Whisp3rd said...

I'm sorry to hear about your unemployment issues. I don't have a job yet because I'm waiting to complete the last leg of my certification process as an EMT. It's going to be hard to find a job but it sure is nice to have a recession-proof job.

I don't know what you do but good luck and you'll find something soon ^___^

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