The dreaded resolution making.

Before I go into a tangent, as I am prone to do... I have decided to make a new blog, apparently this is the new one since this is my first post...I am going to try to keep it on topic with just a few rants inbetween, I made this blog strictly for my love of crafts, thrifting and the mundane bits and pieces of my daily life. Enjoy!

I am so late with the resolution making. Instead of making resolutions I know are going to fall through I have decided to take another approach with making monthly goals that are achievable. This way I can accomplish more and be an all around better gal.

For this month, I have set the goal to keep the habitation sparkly clean, which includes mopping and sweeping almost every other day....(wood floors...pfft) Trust me the place gets filthy if left alone for more than 3 days, the men in my life (The boy and the dad) are slobs they leave wrappers on the counter, drop a piece of paper and leave it....I could go on forever really.

So far so good, I have been keeping the house up so much that unexpected company could pop in at any time with out fear of unswept floors or dirty dishes. Though starting up wasn’t so lovely- it is really hard for me to get into a pattern and stick to it since I get bored so fluently and I hate tedious tasks. I have prevailed over the complainer in my head and just do it like it is second nature.

Since starting on this quest of cleanliness I have also developed other good habits... Making up my bed in the morning, picking up our room before bed, washing dishes right after dinner. It is all really just “preventative-clutter ” stuff.

Benefits:- Energy level has increased by 50%- I have lost some weight from moving around more so than usual.-I wake up way earlier than 3:00 p.m.- Stress has went way down, I feel accomplished when I look around.

Life has been pretty peachy, I am not saying that cleaning your house on a daily basis is a life altering thing, I think it just helps in taking bigger steps. It also has made pride seep back into me, which causes me to be a better, clutter-free, calmer person.


Whisp3rd said...

I thinking making monthly goals is way better way of going about your resolutions.

I've gotten better about cleaning my area. I do it like every 3 days rather than once a week.

I've been trying to get fit also. It's amazing how accomplished and good you feel. I pretty much the accepted the fact I can always push harder because it's not going to kill me. It will do quite the opposite.

You'll see me running though chanting a little.
"just a little farther, gotta look good, gotta be healthy. A little further, gotta look good, gotta be healthy!"

Cleaning house is probably gonna make you feel better. It's that Feng Shui

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