Yay, today was a thrift day!

I scored some pretty awesome(by my standards) goodies!

Yes I got a beddazzler. What? I am going to bedazzle everything. The date on the back is stamped 1974, it came with bunches of different studs, the instructions and pattern transfers.

The yarn loveliness I got, the two balls are wool and I believe the coral color ones are some form of wool mixture, the blue skein is homespun, and the multi is just plain ol' red heart acrylic.

I love this dish, it is a clown face soup bowl his little hands are the handles...I admit it is a bit on the creepy side but it is going to be a kitty food bowl.

On to crafty news, I finally learned how to knit socks! After I whined to Gabe I would never be able to. It is actually a whole lot easier than I though. Here is my first sock! I got the lovely hand painted merino wool from an awesome swap partner. I am also in love with bamboo knitting needles, they feel awesome in my hands and they knit like a dream. Throughout the sock process I learned 4 things; The eye of partridge stitch, picking up stitches, short row heel turns, and the kitchener(sp?) stitch. All these things where learned via youtube.

If you are ever considering learning to knit, these websites helped me out tremendously:
Very Pink Knits : I used these videos to learn how to knit socks. Her channel is chock full of videos to help out newbie knitters, and she is a wonderful teacher! A huge plus is the way her cameras are set up and the quality of the videos are outstanding.
( I got the pattern for my sock from here She also teaches you how to knit a pair of socks with different weight yarns, it is visual, with no videos, for me I need to see it in action or I cannot pick it up as quick.)
Knitting Help: Is a must see when you are first starting out...It pretty much has everything you need to know.

Knitting can be a pretty daunting thing and is full of trial and error, the biggest thing with knitting is you have to go out side the comfort zone and try new things that you aren't comfortable with, if not you will be stuck with just the basics. I am completely hooked! In this past year I have learned so much because I was tired of just the ST ST, and G ST...My next thing is to learn how to knit bobbles, and try my hand at lace knitting.

<3 W


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