Exciting news!

Me and Gabriel are "tying the knot" August 27th 2010. We are getting married here I love it, it is just like a Vegas wedding! I have always hated traditional, huge elaborate weddings, and since Gabe wanted to get married in Vegas we happened to come across this jewel.

It is so cute! The only people that are going to be there are Gabe, Myself and my Auntie J and Uncle D...My aunt and Uncle are like second parents, even though My Aunt didn't give birth to me, she is my mom--point blank.

I am so friggin' excited I'm about to pee my pants. Though I don't get to wear the 500.00 wedding dress I bought from David's Bridal, I get to buy a new dress...I am thinking of getting shirred white eyelet lace fabric and doing it myself, if I can't find the style dress I want...It would be an easy task considering it would only be one seam up the back and a seam across the bottom to add length...I can't waaaaaitttt!

<3 W


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