Buuusssyyy I'll get back on track next week, I swear

Ok sooo, I have been working on swap packages like a mad woman. One thing about swapping I CANNOT AND ABSOLUTELY STAND the following...

I cannot stand rude ass people, look if you don't have the decency to respond or even say thank you when you receive a package from someone--you should not be swapping. Reason: You have put out the message that the person who has made you something that their creation is shit (see below). Believe me I have received some really, really, bad packages in the past and I have always said thank you, because I appreciated the time, effort, and love that goes into a project, and if I didn't want handmade then I wouldn't be swapping. For this reason I think that after I am done with my current swaps I am done. Why waste my time, and effort on someone who does not appreciate anything... Gotta' love manners. Seriously. I love craftster, and It's not like I am asking for a gold plaque I just wish people would take two seconds to notify they have received and a simple thank you, if I can bite my tongue then so can you. With that being said, eff it.

Can you tell I'm mad? I really wish I could go on a tangent and show you all what I am rambling on about, but there is no sense in being hateful.

Stitch markers for the Stitch Marker Swap on Craftster

Are they really that bad? I feel defeted... Why keep doing this to myself?

<3 W


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